• Balin II

    Balin II

    Dwarf from The Lonely Mountain, a younger cousin of Gimli determined to match his famous kinsman's legendary prowess in battle.
  • Finglin


    An outrageously silly elf from Mirkwood, far more skilled at schmoozing and telling tales than fighting.
  • Luthien


    Youngest child of King Elessar and Queen Arwen, she is blessed with all the aptitude for magic of her elven forebears and cursed with all the short life of men.
  • Peregrin I

    Peregrin I

    He is the first Lord of Gondor named in honor of a hobbit, and he still isn't sure how he feels about that. But he hopes to make his grandfather Faramir and his grandmother Eowyn proud.
  • Robin Gamgee

    Robin Gamgee

    She is the next-youngest child of Samwise Gamgee, and a fan of the legendary hobbit burglar Bilbo Baggins. All her life she's dreamed of having adventures like her idol's ... and she's annoyed very many hobbits by practicing sneakiness skills.
  • Theoden Brandybuck

    Theoden Brandybuck

    Serious always and often stern, he is a warrior hobbit.