Robin Gamgee

She is the next-youngest child of Samwise Gamgee, and a fan of the legendary hobbit burglar Bilbo Baggins. All her life she's dreamed of having adventures like her idol's ... and she's annoyed very many hobbits by practicing sneakiness skills.


Robin is one of the rare blonde hobbits (although common in her generation) born after the sowing of the seeds from the elf-queen’s gift to her father. She is eager and enthusiastic, sometimes to a fault, and chatters non-stop when given the opportunity. She has a knack with cooking, although not much pleasure in it; since she is (as she think of it) stuck in the kitchens, she makes sure to have delicious and attractive snacks ready for visitors – and has worked hard to figure out the favorite foods of those who are willing to talk the most about the things she wants to know. However, she can be extremely focused and silent when intent on a task or goal, to the extent that she can appear a different person entirely.


A hobbit. She grew up idolizing Bilbo Baggins, and she’s annoyed most of the Shire by practicing to be a burglar just like him. Not that she steals things, no — she just sneaks around, hiding in shadows, and learns far too much that other hobbits thought was private. A good shot with a sling, but she’s never had a chance to learn any close combat skills. She and her friend Theoden Brandybuck have recently journeyed to Gondor to serve King Elessar. Although she hoped to serve King Elessar as a burglar like Bilbo, Theoden suggested King Elessar make her a cook in his kitchen, and that’s what she’s doing. But she continues to practice, and to her surprise King Elessar often visits her in the kitchen to talk.

As the second-last of 13 children, Robin has had many opportunities to be overlooked, and has been happy to take advantage of those opportunities.

Robin Gamgee

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