One very serious hobbit, and one outrageously silly elf. A half-elf with all the magic of the Elves and all the short life of Men. The first Lord of Gondor named in honor of a hobbit. Another hobbit, and a dwarf, both of whom yearn to match the greatest deeds of the greatest heroes of their races.

These are the heroes King Elessar, birth-named Aragorn, must send to mend Gondor’s suddenly and mysteriously soured relationship with Dorwinion. No others are available. Attacked by Umbar and Harad to the south, various Easterlings, and the remaining orcs of the north and of Mordor, all the proven heroes are away battling for Gondor’s survival.

Do these novices have the right stuff to make the world of Middle-Earth a better place?

Envoys of King Elessar

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